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Advocating for minds that learn differently®

Upper School


The Winston Upper School offers a college preparatory program to students who learn differently by providing a multi-modal approach to learning. Differentiated instruction is one tool used to enhance student strengths and address student weaknesses in an effort to prepare them for post-secondary success.

Students are presented with the content of each course in a variety of ways and allowed to show their mastery of the materials in alternative ways as well. Multi-sensory approaches, using visual, auditory, and hands-on activities are employed to teach essential concepts. Teachers also provide instruction in how to organize, observe, and study material, and often adapt tests so that non-essential obstacles are eliminated. This approach introduces our students to post-secondary education expectations and enables them to seek out and develop the skills necessary to work around their learning difference.

Our Upper School students also have access to our College and Career Counseling Program which exposes them to both educational and vocational options for their ‘life after Winston.’