One-act play, Will & Whimsy

Congratulations to all students, faculty, and parents involved in Winston’s one-act play!

From April 5 – April 8, Winston students attended the ISAS Arts Festival in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they showcased their artwork and performed their one-act play, Will & Whimsy. Winston students received commendations from the judges for their talent, creative vision, use of medium and space, and their performance technique and adaptability.


ISAS Art Festival 2017-3


Students from across the country participated in the festival, and all mediums were showcased and celebrated–from graphic arts to musical talents, and everything in between. Winston is proud to have been represented by a group of talented, dedicated students, and we look forward to seeing each of them continue down their creative paths!

Will & Whimsy will be performed in the Winston Gymnasium on Thursday, April 13th at 6 pm.

ISAS Fine Arts Festival HD2
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