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Winston students helped support “Kitchen on the Street”!

April 02, 2017
By The Winston Staff
Penny Wars

Between March 27 – March 31, Winston students raised over $2,100 to support Kitchen on the Street! The funds raised will help feed hungry children in our community.

To raise the funds, Winston students participated in “Penny Wars” for the second year in a row. For one full week, students in every core and advisory filled a “class jar” with pennies and all other coins, with the goal of raising the highest amount of money in coins. However, students from other cores and advisories could “sabotage” their competition by putting dollar bills in other class jars. In the end, the winning class was determined by having the highest value of coins MINUS the value of the bills in their jar.

This exciting project raises funds for a worthy cause, while helping students, especially those in lower school, improve their math skills.

Thank you to all who participated!

  • Upper School Winning Class: Mrs. Hill’s Advisory
  • Middle School Winning Class: Mrs. Lane’s Advisory
  • Lower School Winning Class: Ms. Jaramillo’s Core

Congratulations to Ms. Jaramillo’s Core for being the overall school winner!