Lower School

Lower School-HD


Lower School

Winston’s Lower School is a K through 6 elementary program designed to educate and challenge students at their individual level and pace. Students are grouped according to their instructional level and multi-sensory approaches are used whenever appropriate to teach new concepts.

Social studies and science are taught as both content and process areas and the bypass method of instruction is employed where needed, circumventing any reading and writing disabilities and placing emphasis on acquiring the content of courses through hands-on learning.

Students with a language-based reading disability (such as dyslexia) are placed in Orton-Gillingham-based reading programs for additional support.
Enrichment curriculum such as fine arts, physical education, and the like play an equally important role in the school day and year; our students benefit as much from an emphasis on their strengths as an emphasis on their weaknesses.

Small classes and teacher-expertise ensure an optimal learning environment for the students.


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