Our Difference

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Everyone Learns Differently

We Help Smart Kids Get Smarter



The Winston School San Antonio has been providing exceptional academic programs for students with learning differences in grades K-12 since 1985. A Winston graduate is confident, well-rounded and a lifelong self-advocate. An example of how learning differences can not only be overcome, but in many cases, surpassed to achieve levels of success once never considered possible.


Our students come to Winston from a variety of academic scenarios sharing one common theme – they are looking for a brighter tomorrow that includes academic success and personal happiness. After students experience significant achievement in the classroom, our parents tell us how much they value the improvement in family life at home.

Many people do not realize that as many as 85 to 90 percent of our graduating students go to college.



Our students tell us that there are certain words that best describe their experiences at Winston. In order, the words are success, supportive, positive, achievement, cool and hope. We agree with them.

We know there’s always more to be done, but believe it is clear affirmation that we are succeeding in our mission.

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