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2015 - 25th Annual Learning Symposium


The Whole Brain Child: At Home and in the Classroom.
Please take a look at some of the Breakout sessions presented on January 3o, 2015 at the Winston School San Antonio:

Natural Strengths and Current Treatment of ADHD
Andrew Martin, M.D. – Psychiatrist

Review of the aspects of ADHD which have been found problematic but were revealed as hidden strengths to help children view themselves in a different light and become more successful. How different treatment modalities can be utilized to help improve their long terms outcomes and preserve their self-confidence/concept.

NATURAL STRENGTHS ADHD from The Winston School San Antonio on Vimeo.

Unique Needs of Students Who Are Gifted/LD
Courtney Crim, Ed. D.


Assistant Professor of Education, Trinity University
Most often, children are identified for what they cannot do rather then
what they are capable of achieving. This session delves into the three groups of students both gifted and learning disabled as defined by research and includes discussion on teacher roles and classroom modifications.

Unique Needs of Child with LD from The Winston School San Antonio on Vimeo.

Homework Strategies
Richard T. Boon, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Special Education, UTSA

The primary purpose of homework is to reinforce the information and skills your child learns at school. This session helps parents and teachers develop strategies to help students complete homework assignments in stress-free and learning-friendly environments

Homework Strategies from The Winston School San Antonio on Vimeo.

Vocational Outcomes
Steven Yocham, M.Ed. – Head of Upper School, The Winston School San Antonio
Julie Holloway, M.Ed. – College and Career Counselor, The Winston School San Antonio

This session provides labor market data regarding needs for the present day and future workforce development. Vocational Outcomes highlights the need for soft skill and technology training, provides information on available preparation programs, offers tools for evaluating the best program fit for a student, and summarizes statistics regarding opportunities, salaries, and success.

Vocational Outcomes from The Winston School San Antonio on Vimeo.