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28th Annual Learning Symposium - “Learning In and Out of the Classroom”


Please click on the videos to watch or on the names to download the handouts:

Keynote Speaker, Alfie Kohn,  "Performance vs. Learning: The Cost of Overemphasizing Success" We do not have the rights to show this video presentation.

Breakout Sessions:


1) Behavior & Mindfulness: Presented by Jon Lasser, Ph. D. 

2) Deciphering the Autism Spectrum: Presented by Patricia Harkins, M.D.

3) ADHD in the Classroom: Presented by Linda Hamilton

4) ADHD and Medication: Presented by Steven Pliszka, M.D.

5) Mindfulness and the Brain: Presented by Jason Littlefield, M.Ed. 

6) Art & Hands-on Education: Presented by Sean Justice, Ed.D., M.F.A.

7) Technology: Presented by Lucretia Fraga, Ph.D.

8) Outdoor Education: Presented by Tom Arsuffi, Ph.D.


9) Ethics: Presented by Laurie Klose, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson, M.D., Gabe Quintanilla, Attorney at Law, and Kate Olson, M.A., CCC

We hope you enjoyed the 28th Annual Learning Symposium - “Learning In and Out of the Classroom”

Our next Symposium will be held on January 25, 2019, and will focus on the Digital Impact on Development. More information will be posted soon! 

Over 300 parents and professionals attended Winston's 28th Annual Learning Symposium!

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