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October 16, 2017
By The Winston School San Antonio

Saturday morning was muggy and damp, but that didn’t stop the students of The Winston School from boarding the bus and heading downtown at the crack of dawn!

As soon as they arrived at their spot on Houston Street, everyone got to work smashing chalk into a fine powder, marking the outlines of the art piece, filling water bottles, etc.That’s when the REAL work started. Students worked harmoniously together, painting, smashing, dabbing chalk to create the piece, each capitalizing on their personal strengths. Incredible amounts of patience were shown by each and every student - they tutored and mentored each other, and I think a lot was learned from and about each other this weekend.

Everyone played an integral part in our art piece. It could not have been the awesome final result it was without each and every student who was there. We may not have won 1st place, but these students are all WINNERS to me!


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