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“We’re tight – like family”

WSSA students in classroom


Supportive means each student receives whatever he or she needs, whether it’s more individualized time with the teacher during class, after class or after school. Supportive also is where students looks out for one another and help along the way. Our teachers see older students helping the younger ones all the time.


One of our students told us he believes the noticeable camaraderie that bonds Winston students is because they’re grateful of the opportunity, having come from other academic situations were the results were less than positive.

WSSA Football stars
The Winston School San Antonio playground


When asked to describe it you know what word they use most often? Family.

“There’s a great support system here, not only from faculty, but also my peers” — John G.

 “I don’t think you can truly measure how tight this school is” — Ian S.

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