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Advocating for minds that learn differently®

Headmaster’s Overview

Welcome to The Winston School San Antonio!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our unique approach to education designed for students who learn differently. At Winston, we understand that children learn best in diverse ways, and we aim to ensure that learning is never a painful experience.

Whether you are visiting us because your son or daughter is struggling academically or with attention difficulties, or because you’re simply looking for a resource on learning differences, we hope you find these pages filled with valuable information.

Students begin school with an intrinsic desire to learn, to be praised by their teachers, and to feel good about themselves. When a struggling student’s efforts are not affirmed by their teacher, that student will eventually give up for fear of continued failure, or they may begin to act out due to their frustration. Often, this begins a cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem that resonates throughout their entire educational experience.

Growing up, I personally weathered some of the same difficulties that many of our students face. I did not learn to read until 3rd grade, and throughout my educational career, I found it difficult to stay focused in class. My struggle to learn led me to experience periods of low self-esteem and extreme frustration.

There were even times that I was singled out or inadvertently embarrassed by a teacher who did not understand my challenges with learning. Although my parents did their best to encourage me, even my mother, a teacher, did not truly understand my struggles.

My own experience taught me that children who learn differently need support to overcome educational obstacles. All students have strengths, and it is our job as educators to build on those assets while helping them tackle their challenges.

Winston’s comprehensive program is designed to provide an environment where students in grades K-12 are nurtured, challenged appropriately, and given opportunities to succeed, while their teachers focus on their academics strengths, rather than their weaknesses.

At Winston, we tailor our curriculum to a student’s learning style rather teaching a fixed curriculum. Our faculty and administrative team is talented but more notably, they are devoted to helping our students work around their learning differences and allowing them to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

A child’s academic struggle can take a toll on the entire family; the Winston experience can be life-changing for both students and their families. I invite you to experience the Winston difference!

Charles J. Karulak, Ed.D.