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About Us

About Us


The mission of The Winston School San Antonio is to provide a personalized, college preparatory education to students with high potential and identified learning differences. A Winston School graduate is confident, well-rounded, and a lifelong self-advocate.

Our goal is to provide a setting where each student may learn in an age-appropriate academic program focused on applying their strengths and addressing variations in learning. The Winston School San Antonio also strives to create an atmosphere within the school community that fosters mutual respect, self-confidence, psychological support, and inclusiveness.

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We provide a personalized, college preparatory education to students in grades K-12, and we facilitate success while challenging and preparing our students for the demands of college and/or the workplace.

We are a non-profit, independent school that offers a comprehensive academic program, along with athletic and club activities to suit a variety of student interests. We participate in numerous academic and artistic regional competitions, and over 90% of our graduates attend college.

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