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Lower School

Lower School

Winston’s Lower School is a K-6 elementary program designed to educate and challenge students at their individual level and pace. Students are grouped in cores, which function much like a homeroom, according to their age and/or social maturity. Students are then further grouped homogeneously by ability in the skill areas of reading, language arts, and math. Students with a language-based reading disability (such as dyslexia) are placed in Orton-Gillingham-based reading programs for additional support.

Social studies and science are taught as both content and process areas. Bypass strategies are employed, as needed, to convey a concept without the interference of reading, writing, and math disabilities. Enrichment classes, including physical education, art, music, and theater arts, are a highly valued part of our curriculum. Our students benefit from the opportunity to focus on their strengths and learn coping strategies for their weaknesses.

Small class sizes and teacher expertise ensure an optimal learning environment for the students.

Ms. Julie Hanson, M.Ed. is the head of the Lower School. She has been with the Winston School since 2008 and has taught Lower School B-Core, Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Computer as well as Middle School Reading, Language Arts, and American History, and Upper School English.

Lower School Faculty: