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To support our plan for your student’s academic growth, The Winston School San Antonio has implemented an assessment program that assists in preparing for and attaining educational and career goals. Every three years, the Director of Testing Services seeks input from faculty and administration to determine the testing needs for each Winston student. Some students will receive a cross-battery assessment including cognitive ability and achievement testing. Criterion-referenced tests are often administered for Upper School students to evaluate their growth and determine appropriate instructional methods. Other instruments such as behavioral assessments or supplemental reading and language tests are available, should a student’s needs necessitate them.

The evaluation report is reviewed with the family and is used to help develop the most appropriate educational program for the student. The evaluation report is placed in the student’s confidential file but is available to faculty for review. Assessment costs are a scheduled fee included in the yearly tuition.

If you are a non-Winston parent, and you are interested in learning about testing services, please contact our Admission Team at