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Fine Arts

The Winston School San Antonio Fine Arts program provides students with exposure to various elements of art, offers an appreciation of art in the context of history and culture, enhances the core curriculum, and allows an avenue for creative expression. To augment the program, students are introduced to a variety of mediums.

Winston’s artists and writers distinguished themselves in the 2017 Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. 122 regional entries were submitted and garnered 70 individual awards (11 Gold Keys, 21 Silver Keys, and 38 Honorable Mentions). Gold Key winners moved along to the state competition. Winston's Gold Keys were awarded in photography, jewelry design, and writing.


Lower, Middle, and Upper School students participate in our ceramics program. Students of all grade levels learn the basics of ceramic art and have the opportunity to personally design their own ceramic items to take home.

In Upper School, students gain extensive experience with ceramic arts. They design unique pieces such as bowls, vases, and plates. Students also create sculptures using slab-making and hand-building techniques.

Clay bowls may be taken home or can be donated and displayed at the school. 


If you are interested in learning more about the drama program or joining in on the fun, please contact Drama Teacher Patrick Villalpando at


Music can be a useful tool in helping students understand and organize their world. The music component of Winston’s Fine Arts program is designed to create a foundation in the study of music and reinforce experiential learning.

Performance, improvisation, and listening are supported by reflection and classroom discussion, affording students an opportunity to develop an appreciation of music. It also expands their comprehension in other content areas.

Music enrichment helps students strengthen their mathematical reasoning concepts, understand writing and scientific processes, and identify with world concepts such as diversity and technology.

Winston students attended the 2018 ISAS Arts Festival in The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas. One of them performed live and received commendations from the judges for his performance.

Alex R. Performing live at the 2018 ISAS Arts Festival
Alex R. Performing live at the 2018 ISAS Arts Festival


Visual Art focuses on the foundations of art — Perception, Creative Expression, and Critical Evaluation. At Winston, students are encouraged to draw from their perception of the environment, memory, life experiences, and visual awareness as a source for creative art.

Each Lower and Middle School student takes part in an art class that includes drawing, painting, ceramics, and other disciplines in visual art. The individuality and creativity of each student is encouraged throughout the program. An overview of landscapes, still-lifes, portraits and abstract art are covered in this course.

Our Upper School students elect to take part in an extensive art program under the direction of our visual arts teacher. Upper School artists are given opportunities to submit their art in competitions, including pieces in the school’s Freedom Arts publication, and to have their work displayed throughout Winston’s hallways.


Upper School students may elect to take part in a year-long photography course. Photography students are taught the basics of photography and are exposed to new and emerging technologies in the field. Students are asked to submit their own original pieces showing creative and technical techniques taught throughout the year. Our photography teacher facilitates the submission of students’ photography in the ISAS Fine Arts Festival.

For more information on the photography program, please contact Chloe Eseo at

Industrial Arts

Middle and Upper school students may elect to take part in a year-long dual credit Industrial Arts course. Industrial Arts students go through a rigorous safety course in the classroom before stepping into the workshop. Throughout the year, students learn various welding and woodworking techniques. At the end of the course, students are encouraged to take a tack welder certification test: an American Welding Society (AWS) certification following the industry codebook that all welders must pass before they are able to work in the field.