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School Uniforms

School Uniforms


School uniforms are purchased through Lands' End. Please click here to purchase uniforms for your student. 

Per the Student Handbook, all students must follow dress code every school day and on all school sponsored trips, unless otherwise instructed. 

Dress Code

When in school or on a school-sponsored trip or activity, a student’s appearance is a direct reflection of the student and the school. Students must arrive at school in uniform and remain in uniform unless given approval to do otherwise. Uniforms must be purchased through Land’s End and only preapproved items may be worn to school. All student items should be labeled with the student’s name clearly visible. Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action.

Spirit Shirts

Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays. Please check your Family Handbook for specific guidelines.

This year our Spirit Shirts will be available for purchase online, from the same vendor as our athletic/ booster products:

  1.  Go to
  2.  Place order for shirts
  3.  Make payment online
  4.  Orders will be delivered to Winston within 7-10 days of order (this may vary during COVID)

If you have any questions please contact the school office at 210-615-6544.