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Graduation Requirements

Students are required to earn 27 credit hours as follows:

  • English: Four years • English I, II, III, and IV
  • Math: Four years • Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, or Math Models
  • Natural Sciences: Four years • Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy, Environmental Science, or Astronomy
  • Social Studies: Four years • American History, World Geography, World History, and one semester of both Economics and Government
  • Foreign Language: Two years of Spanish
  • Physical Education: Two years • Physical Education or Athletics
  • Health: One semester (12th grade)
  • Speech: One semester (12th grade)
  • College & Career Prep Course: Two semesters (11th grade)
  • Computer Science: Two years • Computer Programming, Cybersecurity, Digital Media I, Digital Media II, Graphic Design/Yearbook, or Innovation & Design
  • Fine Arts: One year • Art, Drama, Music, Photography, or Wood & Metal Arts
  • Electives: Two years • Any class(es) beyond the required coursework for graduation

Students interested in Dual Credit courses must meet eligibility requirements including TSI exam scores meeting “college ready” standards.

Dyslexia Intervention: Upon administrative recommendation, students may be enrolled in the Lexia Learning Program, Reading Lab, and/or Dyslexia Therapy

Seniors are required to complete Winston’s Job Shadowing Program.

All Winston students are required to complete 20 hours of community service each year. Grade reports, including transcripts, will not be released until community service documentation is on file.

*Graduation requirements are subject to change. Course selection and availability will vary each year depending on enrollment.