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The Winston School San Antonio is a school for children in grades K-12 with average or above intelligence who are diagnosed with learning differences and/or ADD, or ADHD.

Learning differences are a grouping of lifelong, neurological disorders that may affect the brain’s ability to receive, process, store, express, and/or respond to information. These variances affect how an individual interprets what he/she sees and hears or how he/she links information from different parts of the brain. Learning differences can manifest themselves in many ways – as in the ability to understand or use spoken and written language, mathematical calculations, fine or gross motor skill coordination, self-control, or attention. They can also impede learning to read, write, or compute and hinder academic success or negatively impact social behaviors and self-esteem.

The Winston School San Antonio employs an integrated, whole-child educational focus that includes academic remediation and individualized instruction, development of a child’s social and emotional needs, and family support. We invite you to learn more about the Winston difference!

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