Advocacy Through Outreach

For the mission of The Winston School San Antonio to be successful, we believe that collaboration in the learning process is necessary. For Winston that means that our impact must extend beyond the classroom, but in developing relationships with outside resources that may be appropriate for our students. While the classroom provides the academic setting where each student applies their strengths and where teachers adapt learning to meet students’ needs, sometimes academic success requires support outside of the classroom. Winston has compiled a wealth of resources for health and educational support beyond the classroom.


Advocacy Through Education

Expanding on our goal of outreach, The Winston School San Antonio hosts a number of learning opportunities throughout the school year. Parents and professionals are invited to attend these forums that simulate learning disabilities or provide information on topics related to learning differences. Winston has worked hard to develop a strong San Antonio education and health community who guide students with learning differences toward lifetime success and is pleased to be considered a model in the field for facilitating positive academic outcomes for students with learning disabilities.


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